Bad Drip E-Liquid + Clown Liquid


Right out of our home state of New York, Bad Drip Labs puts together some of the best tasting max VG E-Liquid available anywhere. Bad Drip E-Liquid boasts 4 flavors that are out of this world and their flavor profiles are spot on. We picked up their signature first 3 E-Liquids, Bad Blood, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce and Cereal Trip. One vape from these flavors and we knew we had to have them.

Shortly after we picked up their line of juice they launched a new flavor : Ugly Butter. This awesome fried bread dough vape comes through with intense cinnamon sugar and just a small hit of banana. It fit perfectly in their existing line and we’re proud to stock all 4 Bad Drip fluids to this day.


Bad Drip nails it with their awesome packaging.


Every bottle of Bad Drip comes in a plastic pill bottle and every pill bottle houses a vape rag. Not only do you get awesome tasting juice, but you get a vape rag and a sick bottle for the same price as any other plain 15 or 30 mL bottle. These guys took a risk in selling their product in a pill bottle and it paid off. When customers walk into our store, they go straight to the Bad Drip and they want to know what’s going on with the bottle. Customers love the unique look of the pill bottle and the art on the front really brings customers to the E-Liquid. We think that you vape with your eyes first when shopping for juice and Bad Drip E-Liquid knows how to give you an eyefull.

The most popular Bad Drip E-Liquid is by far Farley’s Gnarly Sauce. We were hesitant when we read it was a bubblegum flavor but this fruity bubblegum comes through as one of the most unique vaping experiences we have ever had and our customers keep coming back for more. Kiwi, strawberry and bubblegum are packed into this E-Liquid that come together beautifully. The bubblegum doesn’t come through overwhelming – it’s used as a base and it topped off incredibly with the fruit. If you are into a fruity vape, look no further – this E-Liquid can’t be praised enough, you’ll have to give it a try.

Bad Drip Labs didn’t stop with just Bad Drip E-Liquid though. They decided to improve upon their near perfect recipes and released a new line – Clown Liquid. If there were any questions about how bad ass Bad Drip was, they were squashed when Bad Drip Labs released Clown Liquid.


Clown Liquid takes a carnival twist on amazing tasting E-Liquid. Each flavor is named after a famous clown from pop culture – Twisty from American Horror Story, Pennywise from Stephen King’s “IT” and Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal video game series. Awesome label art and clever names are just the beginning with this E-Liquid – Clown Liquid elevates classic vaping flavors and rocks your palate with their incredible combinations. Sweet Tooth is one of our best sellers for Clown Liquid – it’s a raspberry cotton candy like you’ve never had before. The cotton candy comes in strong and is rounded off by a sweet raspberry. We couldn’t believe how perfect this juice was.

sweettooth pennywise

We had Sweet Tooth flying off our shelves when Bad Drip Labs sent us their newest Clown Liquid flavor – Laffy. When we got this E-Liquid we knew we were going to have a new crowd favorite. Laffy is a grape and blueberry Laffy Taffy. This is by far the best grape we’ve ever had in an E-Liquid. We’ve tried dozens of grape E-Liquid that ends up tasting like cough syrup – totally gross. This one does it right and it does it strong.


We can’t wait to see what Bad Drip Labs has in store for us as far as their new flavors and neither can our customers. So hop on board and try out some of Bad Drip Labs E-Liquid and you won’t be sorry – you may find your next all day vape!

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