Dragon E-Liquid


Dragon E-Liquid is one of the most popular juices we have ever had. Dragon E-Liquid is a max VG E-Liquid but thin enough to run in any tank or drip on an RDA. We can’t keep this stuff in stock at our shop, it sells so fast.

For an underdog company, Dragon E-Liquid is comparable to most of the top well known E-Liquid brands out right now – our customers tell us that Dragon E-Liquid gives Cutwood Premium E-Liquid a run for their money.

Dragon E-Liquid is so successful because of the its wide variety of flavor. It all starts with Dragon Milk. This flavor is an awesome creamy, milky blend with just a hit of strawberry. Dragon Milk is what most of Dragon E-Liquid flavors are stemmed from. From the Dragon Tears, which adds brown sugar to the Dragon Milk and turns it into a luscious brown sugary custard like E-Liquid, to Dragon Candy (easily our biggest seller), which adds a sweet pink and blue cotton candy flavor to the Dragon Milk to make an insatiable creamy cotton candy E-Liquid that no one can stop vaping!

dragoncandypic dragoncandypic

Another unique characteristic about Dragon E-Liquid is it’s 40ml bottle. Most e-liquids typically come in 15ml or 30ml bottles but Dragon E-Liquid boasts a 40ml bottle – at the same price of almost all 30ml e-liquids! Not only is their more e-liquid, but every bottle of Dragon E-Liquid is an Every-Last-Drop bottle. This bottle is designed so that you get every single drop of Dragon E-Liquid from your bottle. No more tipping the bottle to get the last drop!

We at Premier Vapors love Dragon E-Liquid and so do our customers! We’re hoping if you haven’t given Dragon E-Liquid a shot, you definitely should soon!